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Welcome Message From the Principal

Laxmi Chari - Principal

At Bedell School we believe that every student is exceptional. A highly qualified team of teachers and support staff provide a learning environment where all students can reach their fullest potential. State Adopted materials are used in conjunction with the most current teaching practices to prepare our students for all areas of the California curriculum. Communication with parents is paramount in our effort to monitor student progress. Regularly scheduled trimester conferences, phone calls home, as well as Student Collaborative Intervention Plan meetings are utilized to notify parents of their child’s progress or academic concerns. Parents actively participate in School Site Council, Site and District English Advisory Committees and Parent /Faculty meetings to help the administration plan and create the most effective educational program for students. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms and around campus and participate in a variety of social activities to foster a connection with the school.

We are committed to take the necessary steps to create students who are both successful and responsible as they blaze their pathway into the future.

Vision StatementCome grow with us as we STREAM to empower our students to reach their full potential.

Mission StatementOur STREAM academy strives to create an optimal learning environment that will support the integration of academics with Agricultural Sciences. We aspire to integrate Science, Technology, Relationships, Environment, Arts and Math to meet the needs of our students.


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    Mission Statement

    At the Thelma Bedell STREAacademy we strive to create an optimal learning environment that will support the integration of academics with Agricultural Sciences.  Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, we aspire to integrate Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Math, and foster relationships to meet the diverse academic and social-emotional needs of our students. Our goal is to provide hands-on, rigorous education in a positive and inclusive learning environment that will inspire our students to become lifelong learners and a productive member of society.

    Together we strive to empower our students to reach their fullest potential!